1. The phenomenon of Synesthesia formed the basis for Reverie, an interactive installation by Leona Hu, Blake Hudelson, and Matt Storus.  

     Visitors are invited to enter a suspended fabric enclosure, listen to a series of classical pieces, and collectively conduct their visual environment.  Through hand gestures their acoustic stimuli is transposed into an immersive optical experience.  The translucent fabric skin of the enclosure allows the projected color and geometry to envelop the occupants, while also acting as a floating illuminated beacon to the surrounding audience.  

     The installation was created using a Leap Motion and a custom visualization built in Processing.  The Leap Motion captures the hand gestures of the occupants, and the algorithm translates those dynamics into a constantly evolving gradient and geometry.  At first, the visitor’s unrestrained movements generate a chaotic visual environment.  As their hand gestures become more calibrated, visitors gain precise control over the visualization and can conduct its tempo and effects.